19 Replies to “NaughtyAmerica Premium Account (22 Jul 2021) Free”

    1. Sorry, that you’ve to face it.
      But as it’s openly shared that’s why it will be banned sooner or later.

      So you have to be first to open the paste.
      Wait for the next update tll then.


  1. it says account paused it does not happen with your other sites account then why on naughty america,it always says account paused..please fix the problem

    1. Sir,
      It’s NA security system which detects multiple IP instanly and pause the account immediately.

      I would suggest you to buy Official Cheap Account via our Discounted link or PF NaughtyAmerica Account from us.


  2. It says whether they’re paused or use your username not your email shit. Their system is a real pain in the ass

    1. Well, get yourself official account at discounted rates via using our link, as this are only for trial purpose.


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